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Thermal Adjustable Breaker

Thermal Adjustable Breaker Key Features
bullet Available in rated current from 20A-160 A/63A-250A/250A-630A,500A - 800A & in different breaking capacity (from 10kA to 65kA).
bullet Available in 1P,2P,3P & 4P Version
bullet 4P Version available with neutral fully protected.
bullet Adjustability-offers close protection to different load condition.
bullet Line load reversibility, Low let through energy.
bullet Wide range of internal and external accessories.
bullet ROHS Compliant.
bullet Also available for DC application.
bullet MCCB with Enclosure / Enclosure separately available.
bullet Single Pole MCCBs are availabler from 10A - 2504 with breaking capacity from 10kA - 50k4, SP MCCBs from 63A-250A are available with thermal adjustable feature.